As you know, we need parent volunteers to make this happen.   Please consider going through the simple and easy certification process to be available to help your child’s team.  You do not need any special skill, CYO simply requires two “certified” adults to be present for any activity involving your child.   Don’t wait, do this now!

1)             FIRST:  Register with us: https://www.tawala.com/p/i8mp1l6cj789w3z/t1r54y0.CoachRegistrationStart

2)             SECOND:  Register w/ the Diocese by completing the online training (very easy, takes about 20 minutes) here: http://cmgconnect.org

Search for Santa Rosa Diocese

Create a User Profile


Fill in Every Field, it is Self Explanatory.

You will need a Log in ID and password

Please remember to use your full legal name!!!


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