Player Evaulations

Player Evaluations are scheduled for 9-2pm on October 9th, at the High School, schedule below. The goal of player evaluations is to have kids playing in team make-ups of similarly skilled teammates. We then try and match our teams up in league divisions that suit those abilities.
If you are unable to make your time slot your child may make-up their session during any time slot for their gender. If your child is unavailable for the entire day we will use evaluations from last year, those kids that did not play will be placed based on coaches and evaluator’s observations in other sports.    NOTE: your registration must be paid in order to participate – scholarship applicants excepted.
9am 4th girls
9:30 4th boys
10:00 5th boys
10:30 5th girls
11:00 6th girls
11:30 6th boys
12:00 7th boys
12:30 7th girls
1pm 8th girls
1:30 8th boys


NOTE: No Player Evaluations for 3rd grade teams (including 2nd graders), they are placed randomly

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